Monday, 8 October 2012

Activity Groups

Part of the Lagganlia experience in team building is working with and making new friends. Mixing up the classes helps build new friendships and bonds and there is plenty of time to meet up with established friends too. At Sciennes, year after year we see the benefits of an early trip to Lagganlia, building on Benmore, where our P7s come together as a year group and are more confident about the move to secondary school, particularly since friendship groupings have widened.

Gp 1 Gp 5 Gp 3 Gp 4 Gp 2 Gp 6 Gp 7 Gp 8 Gp 9
Roddy Dawood Adam Logan Murdo Fredi  Joe R Rory Robert
Sasha Ollie Paul Ben Ali Alex H Alex A Jake Eyvindur
Aidan Arjun Hector George Keir Sam Matthew Kjartan Struan
Joseph Brandon Jude Iqbal  Grezh Ahmed Danny   Coll
David   Jack           Joe SH
Sarah Erin Olivia K Shanyan Amaya Savanna Hannah U Bea Mixie
Anna L Mieke Hannah M Charlotte R Emily Olivia O Mia Catherine Eden
Anna K Katie Kirsty Ruka Daisy Eilidh T Eilidh Cline Eimear Rebecca
Millie Esther Elena Sanaa Clare Charlotte A Rosie Casey Eilidh Clarkson
Eve Hafsa Mairi Isla Holly
Olive Freya  
  Ellie   Reina    
10 10 10 10 9 9 9 9 8

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