Saturday, 22 September 2012

P7 Lagganlia Monday 8th - Friday 12th October

A table for each class will be set up in the Gym Hall on Monday morning 8th October. Drop off luggage behind the table and then please wait outside in the playground. Pupils can register that they have arrived in school – and give class teachers any medication - from 8.30am– before going back out into the playground.

All medication, including any travel sickness pills, should be clearly labelled with name, class and instructions.

£10.00 spending money can be brought (though £5.00 is adequate) and should be looked after by your child in a named purse or wallet. Loose change is best. No mobile phones and we also would advise AGAINST bringing valuables such as Nintendo DS etc.

All children should have visited the toilet before coming back into the Hall at 9.15am.

We will gather in the Hall until the buses arrive. (Parents are kindly requested to wait outside to ease congestion.) Pupils will then carry their own luggage and board the buses one class at a time. Suitcases will be placed in the hold and cannot be accessed until we reach Lagganlia, so make sure to take day bags with packed lunch and drink onto the bus.

When on the bus, Sciennes’ staff will help stow jackets and day bags and check seat belts are fastened correctly.

We expect to leave between 9.30am and 9.45am and families are welcome to wait to wave us off.

We will update families on our adventures using this blog.
A paper copy will be posted daily at Reception.

We expect to return to Sciennes around 12.30pm on Friday 12th October.  If there is any significant change to the expected arrival time then school will send a text message to all parents. Updates about the journey will be posted on the blog.

Families are welcome to send letters to:
Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Education
PH21 1NG

Ready for an Adventure, P7?

Watch this space for details of our Lagganlia adventure.

What are you looking forward to the most, P7? Abseiling, orienteering, hillwalking, night line, field studies, gorge walking, problem solving, archery, snowboarding, tree climbing, mountain biking, drumming, disco ...?

Do you remember our wonderful adventure at Benmore?

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