Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Getting ready to bike in the woods - Group 9

Group 9 were getting ready to go biking this morning (Wednesday). The sun was shining and everyone was feeling happy. Group 9 are: Robert, Evyindur, Struan, Coll, Joe SH, Mixie, Eden, Rebecca and Eilidh Clarkson.

On Tuesday afternoon Group 9 tackled the gorge with Instructor Kris and they were astounding! A very fit group who know how to work as a team and support one another. This meant that they managed to do lots of water slides and plunge pools. The hills echoed all around with their laughter and Rebecca, particularly, giggled with sheer delight as she splashed around in the waterfalls. At one point Mixie just sat down in the water, grinning from ear to ear. Eilidh, Eden, Coll and Joe enjoyed putting their heads under the gushing water while Robert, Joe and Struan loved 'bombing' into the plunge pools and doggy paddling out of them. Eyvindur's arm injury is causing him no problems at all, thankfully, and he loved scrambling over the rocks. A wonderful group who are making the most of all the adventures and having great fun. Thoroughly enjoyable company too!

Ms Gallagher


  1. Happy Smiley faces, looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy guys. Lachlan and Pam

  2. Aw good to see eyvindur is back go his normal self and using his left arm <3
    linda (eyvindurs mum)