Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Climbing and abseiling - Group 2 and Group 5

I have had a fantastic afternoon in the forest with groups 2 and 5. Jesse, the instructor for group 2 set up 2 climbs so the group got lots of shots of climbing and belaying. There was a bit of competition to speed climb one section; Erin went up against Ollie but he pipped her to the post. Mieke and Clare scrambled up the rock
like they were born to climb and Hafsa was amazing.
Dawood, Arjun and Brandon did some belaying for each other and scrambled up the different climbs. Esther was taking pictures of everyone.

While we were at the cliff we met up with Group 5 who began by abseiling. Daisy practically raced down the cliff she was so fast and skilled. Amaya was brilliant at belaying, abseiling and climbing. Holly did several abseils and Ali, Keir, Gresz and Murdo were bear Grylls like in everything they did, climbing, abseiling and tipi building.

Lots of fun, lots of laughs, a great day.

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