Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A fantastic day on Loch Morlich

What a beautiful day!  The sun shone, it was warmish and there was not a breath of wind.  Three groups went to Loch Morlich to go canoeing and we had a fantastic time.  I was with group 8 and had an absolutely brilliant time.  We began by practising some strokes with our paddles before heading over the loch.  We then played a game where we had to get as many plastic balls floating in the loch into our canoes; Catherine and Eimear won the first round and Jake, Kjartan and Rory the second.  We then canoed through some reeds before heading for the mouth of a river.  Bea was determined that we would canoe through the rapids and was urging me on so that we could be first.  Later on, back in the lodge, we had a race and Bea and I won!  We narrowly pipped Maeve and Freya at the post.  Then we played fruit salad, where people had to swap boats.  Casey nearly fell in at that point but she made a great recovery. 

They were all determined to jump in to the loch at the end and seemed to think it was really important that I did too.  All of the group ran in and I did take a big wade into the freezing cold water but wasn't keen to swim in it. 

We were soon joined by group 3 and group 9 and there was suddenly a mass of Sciennes pupils frolicking in the water. 

It was just the most perfect day ever.

Ms French

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