Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Gorge walk - Group 4

Group 4 went off to the gorge this morning, happy and smiling. More details of their adventures will follow later. Group 4 are: Logan, Ben, George, Iqbal, Shanyan, Charlotte R, Ruka, Sanaa, Isla and Reina.

What a joy to be in the company of amazing Group 4! Fabulous team work, positive attitudes and lots of smiles. Andrew is the instructor for this intrepid group and he is very impressed with them. George and Shanyan are a great support to each other since they both speak Chinese and this has given them much more confidence to chat with all the group members and with staff. It's a wonderful thing to be able to be funny in a second language and both of them are great fun to spend time with. We tackled the gorge early on Tuesday morning and despite the beautiful sunshine,  it was still quite cold. Fortunately Lagganlia have recently purchased 'supreme wellies' which have grips like walking boots and are made of wetsuit material so our toes were actually cosy! Charlotte loved splashing into massive muddy puddles, giggling with delight. Ben did get really cold but had lots of fun in the river and enjoyed trying wood sorrel, which tastes like apple. Sanaa initially wasn't sure about wriggling through one of the tunnels but was pleased with herself when she accomplished the challenge. Logan led the way for most of the gorge walk and Iqbal also liked to be one of the first to try the water slides. Ruka and Reina are great team mates, always helping one another and keen to try new adventures. Isla is the resident chatterbox and keeps everyone entertained with her funny stories. An absolute delight to spend the morning guddling about in the water with them.

Ms Gallagher


  1. Hope you all had fun gorge walking! Would love to see a group photo with Ben in it ! :)

  2. Hello there group 4
    What intrepid adventurers!
    Wow, you all look way to clean to have been gorge walking....last year I seem to remember a bunch of drowned muddy rats coming back from the Ben Moore gorge walk.
    You all look very clean and pristine. Did they hose you down?
    Anyway glad to see that you are having fun and supporting each other in the effort.
    Lovely to see so many smiling faces.
    Isla keep up the chatting...it seems that you have an audience!
    All the best to you all
    Denise - Isla's Mum