Friday, 12 October 2012

A great big thank you to Ms Gallagher

All of the Primary 7 staff want to say a huge thank you to Ms Gallagher who has worked tirelessly to organise and manage our Lagganlia experience. She has done so many tasks in the run up to the trip and during the residential itself that have allowed the children and ourselves to have and enjoy this amazing experience. Ms Gallagher had all the paperwork, time tabling and medicine organised making it easy to keep track of what we needed to know and has worked from early morning to very late every evening overseeing the whole trip. She does all of this in a good humoured, unassuming way and always holds the needs and happiness of the children paramount.

We are very lucky to have such a great Depute and friend and know you will join us in thanking her for her hard work and excellent care and professionalism.

Ms French, Ms Gaffney and Mr Howie


  1. Yes she is an amaging person!!!!A very big thank you for the kindness and the sensitivity she showed to the children always,thank you Ms Gallagher for look after David as well as all the children.Thank you to all the teachers for they exceptional care to all the children.Have a safe journey back!!! David's family

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Gallagher, your effort is very much appreciated by me and my family and I am sure by all parents. Thank you very much to Ms. French, Ms. Gaffney, Mr. Howe. We are so lucky to have this amazing group of teachers kindly looking after our children!!!!! Ahmed's mum